Where can I find quality Automotive Mailing lists?

We know every business is unique and so is the marketing need with our Automotive Mailing List your business marketing will have the effect that matters to your business and marketing.

The Automotive Mailing Lists could be the newest trendsetter of your business if you allow it. The beginning of the line and mass production methods increased productivity in the automotive industry. As of 2020,Where can I find quality Automotive Mailing lists? Articles the automotive market is projected to grow $20,321, million and by 2025, $25,719 million. The growth is at the rate of 4.8% every year. But if you are a B2B business and produce products and services familiar to the automotive industry, you might want to get your hands on the Automotive Mailing Lists.

The automotive industry is already on top of the list for providing high-end job opportunities and to bring unemployment to a lower rate. It is also the principal source for businesses to break deals and make more sales. According to the latest studies, it is known that global car sales will increase by 20% to 30% by 2025. It is a global aspect, irrespective of the regions. And by 2024, the automotive industry is estimated to reach 1, 14,250 units.

All of this comes to one conclusion. The automotive industry is now an opportunity provider. The automotive industry has not termed to go down from its maturity stage any time soon. It leaves a lot of businesses striving for the automotive industry decision-makers’ attention in no time.

The motive of the Automotive Email List from Averick Media serves that requirement for B2B businesses around the globe.

How is the Automotive Email List going to fulfill that requirement of the Businesses?

B2B businesses now find it the most challenging task to acquire contact data to reach their audience, especially in a highly growing market. Automotive Email List serves that when it comes to businesses trying to connect with decision-makers of the automotive industry. It is a direct source of connection, without the efforts of looking around for them or their contact data. It makes it a highly easy task when it comes to the Automotive Mailing List already at hand.

Feature of the Automotive Mailing List:

The Automotive Email List comes along with phone numbers, email addresses, full names, site addresses, fax numbers, and mailing addresses of businesses, decision-makers, executives, professionals, and much more from the automotive industry
The list is frequently updated and upgraded to deliver the best campaign results and a high rate of responses from the niche market
The Automotive Email List comes with over 60 customization parameters, to enable effortless marketing ad a targeted set of data in a short span to connect exactly with the right audience
The Automotive Mailing List is delivered in a CSV format to enable easy conversion
The email list can be integrated with automation tools and CRM Software

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Automotive Air Bag Testing Instruments

This article introduces how to test the air bag used in autos and vehicles which should be strictly performed before use.

Automotive air bag testing is a efficient guarantee for more accurate,Automotive Air Bag Testing Instruments Articles reactive and reliable performance of air bag. Air bag is one of the passive protection systems for automotives, which is directly linked to passenger safety.

According to traffic accident analysis, two thirds of car crush accidents are happening in front of cars; therefore, front air bag system is more broadly applied.

In order to have better performance, air bag design, development and manufacture are all very important. The contents are as follows:

1. Automotive Air Bag Permeation Testing

The material of automotive air bag is a laminated film of rubber and nylon. Air bag is filled with helium when working.

The rapid filling of air bag is of great importance. It is a must for the passenger to be stopped by the fast filled bag which can also exhaust promptly. Therefore, excellent and proper permeation performance of air bag is very important.

Labthink DM 2/330 Differential and Equal Pressure Method Gas Permeability Tester can test film and laminated materials including air bag laminated material. This tester can execute differential pressure and equal pressure in the same chamber. Three specimens can be tested simultaneously in 3 chambers. Poisonous, explosive and other gases can be tested as well. The temperature control range is 5C-95C, which is very convenient to test the permeability performance of airbag during storage and when triggered by heat.

2. Automotive Air Bag Smoothness and Open Easiness Tests

Good smoothness and open easiness of automotive air bag are vital to backup air bags and quick reaction when the passenger is in danger. The material of air bag is rubber coated nylon. In order to test air bag smoothness and open easiness, Labthink Instruments Co. Ltd introduces airbag testers as follows:

A. MXD Series of Coefficient of Friction Tester is applicable in static and kinetic coefficient of friction test to plastic film, foils, sheets and paper. Through testing the smoothness of the materials, airbag safety can be guaranteed to meet the demands. This series of products includes MXD-01, MXD-01A and MXD-02.

B. FTP-F1 Friction/Peel Tester: is computer control, and can test the material coefficient of friction between room temperature and 99.9 Centigrade as well as peeling strength of laminated films and adhesive products, which is very important to air bag testing.

3. Automotive Air Bag Tensile Testing and Impact Testing

Automotive air bag receives the signal from the sensor, and turns open within a few seconds so as to protect passenger. Since the open speed to its full is in a limited time of 0.3 seconds so as to resist shock and attack from the outside. Therefore, it is a must for air bag with good tensile performance.

In order to guarantee excellent tensile performance, Labthink Instruments Co. Ltd. introduces new series of tensile and impact testers according to international regulations and standards.

A. Labthink PARAM XLW Series Auto Tensile Testers can test tensile, deformation, tearing, pierce, peeling and other items for films, laminated films and flexible packaging materials, etc. Put the air bag specimen onto the clamps, set the testing speed and start testing.

B. Automotive Air Bag Impact Resistance Testing

At the very moment of air bag opening, it will make a space to release the forward strength of the passenger. Air bag impact performance control can prevent air bag breakage due to low flexibility so as to effectively avoid protection failure of low air bag quality. Usually, impact is tested with falling dart impact tester.

Labthink introduces new BMC-B1 Falling Dart Impact Tester to test air bag impact resistance by falling dart method. It is to test the relevant strength needed to tear the air bag material according to ASTM D 1709, JIS K 7124 and GB 9639, etc. The whole testing process is automatic; testing data are processed by minicomputer.

4. Automotive Air Bag Seal and Leak Testing Instruments

Automotive air bag should be filled instantly by the burning helium when the sensor got the emergency signal. Therefore, automotive air bag integrated seal and leak testing is an important index for automotive air bag quality. Labthink Instruments Co., Ltd. introduces PARAM Leak Tester to test air bag seal and leak performance.

Labthink PARAM MFY-01 Leak Tester determines whether the air bag meets the requirements through observation of emerged air bag in distilled water with inside-out pressure difference. This tester is of simple operation and micro-computer control. It complies with ASTM D3078 and GB/T 15171 and provides accurate data.

5. Automotive Air Bag Peeling Testing Instruments

Automotive air bag is made up of the outer nylon material and the inner rubber. Owing to the long-term storage for emergency, a long period of aging, good peeling resistance strength of the nylon and rubber layers is very important so as to avoid insufficient gas filling caused by rubber layer peeling.

Labthink Instruments Co. Ltd. introduces PARAM XLW series of auto tensile testers so as to meet the testing demand for air bag peeling. This tester is applicable to test tensile, peeling, deformation, tearing and adhesive strength of laminated films and adhesive tapes. PARAM XLW Series Auto Tensile Testers are mini-computer control, and can test multiple data with reliable and accurate results. These testers are equipped with professional software. Also, they are complying with ASTM, ISO, JIS and GB standards.

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